It's Time For A Tech Expert To Serve In Government

Your right to vote is protected by the Constitution & it would be Joseph’s honor to help you enact that fundamental action of democracy. Electing qualified individuals who understand both Republican & Democratic concerns about security, access, & procedure is fundamental to our democracy.


Finding ways to open up voting can lead to security concerns about who is participating. See what we’re proposing to ensure fair & secure elections.


The internet is built on databases. With 10 years of online experience at the enterprise & small business level, we understand where breaches can occur & how to protect Idaho.


Cryptography is responsible for protecting your most sensitive data online & knowing how it’s implemented is crucial to helping both voters & businesses tomorrow.

About Joseph J.P. Chastain

Involved in lobbying for his first law at 10 years old in the Illinois supreme court, Joseph has never stopped supporting citizens safety & security while ensuring their right to privacy. With a powerful knowledge of computers, business operations, & communications he has redefined entire industries.

Business Owner

Since the age of 23, Mr. Chastain has either owned his own business or been a part of businesses with partners. Both working for large companies & starting his own small one.

Project & Staff Coordinator

Joseph has worked as a producer or manager in several movie productions, managing budgets larger than the Secretary of State’s office, as well as coordinating staff & following multiple unions guidelines simultaneously.

Data Specialist

With studies in cognitive psychology and research projects associated with NASA, the Overview Institute, & BSU – data is a second hand language to Joseph. He knows how to overcome challenges in serving his constituents.


For eight years, Joseph has been teaching digital literacy to business owners through the SBDC in almost every city with a location available. He naturally has empowered business owners to succeed, even before he considered public office.

Marketing Expert

Empowering every community in Idaho to be actively educated in participating in local discussion on land, law, & ordinance is paramount to a strong Democracy. Joseph knows how to efficiently motivate people to register & keep our democracy strong.

Hard Worker

Farm raised. Waking up everyday ready to work until his young body hurt & the satisfaction of accomplishment that comes from work that others need to live. Joseph brings that same work ethic to doing his civic duty for the State of Idaho.

Looking To Be A Part of the Campaign?

We are always looking for volunteers to help with activities such as phone banking & door to door canvassing.